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David Cooperrider Distinguished University Professor Case Western Reserve University & David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College

This is the first children’s book based on the power of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a worldview for helping each precious child see and grow into the best version of themselves. ​​It’s an irresistible story written by a creative intergenerational team– including a positive school psychologist (Shira R. Levy, NCSP, MAPP),  grandmother (Marge Schiller, PhD, MEd), her grandchildren (Sarah and Max Schiller), and a talented illustrator (Stefanie Rudolph)—in a way that not only models the message but makes each sentence come alive with authenticity. It’s a story that reminds us that every life’s destiny is a series of defining moments, often because of people that can see things in us— inner beauty, signature strengths, potentials—that we cannot even see in ourselves. Thank goodness for those kinds of people. This is a story both about the gift of new eyes—what happens when people can see the true, the good, the better, and the possible in each other—but also the profound lesson that your strengths are your multiplier, they magnify you at your best, and they help you come alive and contribute to the flourishing of others.

Without giving away the plot, there is one thing above all others that I value most about this book. It’s what will come after its reading. This story will become your story. It will change the way you see your child and the way they will see themselves. It will change your relationship. Can one book enable a defining moment in someone’s life? My answer is a resounding “yes”…and you are holding it right now in your own hands!



I love this book! The main character, Stan, shows us how we can help our kids find their Me Power, See Power, We power and Do Power. The authors show us a relatable and do-able way to bring the science of Positive Psychology and the practice of Appreciative Inquiry into your family. A must read for connecting your kids to their strengths.

~Dr. Lea Waters (PhD), Psychologist, Parenting Expert, President of the International Positive Psychology Association, Author of ‘The Strength Switch: How the new science of strength-based parenting can help your child and teen to flourish’

As an elementary school teacher for 16 years, Stan and The Four Fantastic Powers is a relevant story that encourages students to learn how to work together – a key skill required for employment in today’s society. Stan will help readers of all ages develop their Me. See, We and Do powers. ~ Beverley Vernon, M.Ed.

Inspirador! Um ótimo livro para educar as crianças sobre os poderes que temos, e o quanto podemos realizar quando usamos nossos pontos fortes para promover mudanças e melhorias ao nosso redor. Pais, educadores e adultos em geral também poderão se inspirar na história de Stan e sua turma em como descobrir e usar os nossos poderes fantásticos! (Translation: Inspiring! A great book to teach children about the strengths we all have and what we can achieve when we use our strengths to promote change and improvement around us. Parents, educators and adults in general can also get inspired by Stan and his team’s story of how to find and use our fantastic powers!)
~ Lara Beatriz Sena de Araújo – Educadora Infantil 

Emily Larson
Finally! A book that explains to young people the power of their strengths. An incredibly important message for people of all ages.
~ Emily Larson, Director, International Positive Education Network