Meet The Characters

Meet Stan, the “shy kid” who works with an intergenerational team at Lincoln Elementary School to rebuild their award winning playground using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. Creative, persistent, hopeful, and brave. Join Stan as he finds his Four Fantastic Powers.
Meet Carly, Stan’s best friend. She has social intelligence and is aware of how others think and feel. She uses her sense of humor to bring out the best in people and her sense of social responsibility to help Stan become a leader and effective team member.
Meet Nona, Stan’s grandmother and guardian. Nona displays a sense of perspective and wisdom to help Stan find his Four Fantastic Powers. Through her love, she encourages Stan to find his strengths and the benefits of teamwork and hard work.
Meet Principal Richards, the principal of Lincoln Elementary School. An avid videogame player herself, Principal Richards displays zest and vitality as she inspires the fifth grade class, led by Stan and Mr. Gladstone, to develop a plan and work as a team to rebuild their playground that was destroyed by a terrible and unfortunate storm.
Meet Mr. Gladstone, Stan’s fifth grade teacher. Open-minded, kind, and fair, Mr. Gladstone encourages Stan and the class to broaden their minds, work as a team, and develop their individual strengths to accomplish their mission and to find their Four Fantastic Powers