Appreciative Inquiry Begins An Adventure

four powers cycle

“How can kids and grownups work together to change the world?” (SoulPancake, 2013). This appreciative question was asked to President Obama in an interview by nine-year-old Robby Novak, more widely known as “Kid President.” Novak’s question has transformational change potential; it is a question that inspires more thinking, collaboration and creativity. Learning to ask the right questions and being empowered to engage curiosity is essential to 21st century education, which emphasizes critical thinking, complex problem solving, effective communication, and creativity (Berger, 2014Brown, Benkovitz, Muttillo, & Urban, 2010). Creating flourishing and innovative citizens to compete in our increasingly diverse and competitive world, challenges educators and parents to work together to teach youth how to discover and build on successful aspects of the past, dream creatively about the future, ask good questions to design plans, and deliver action.

Stan and The Four Fantastic Powers is the first book of its kind to teach youth and adults alike the power of Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is a creative, strength-based process that drives questions and future actions. The process builds, extends and elevates strengths by looking at what is working. Appreciative Inquiry relies on an understanding of individual and collective strengths. We hope that you enjoy your Stan adventure!