Appreciative Inquiry + Positive Education


We are beyond THRILLED that Positive Education will be colliding and emerging with Appreciative Inquiry (“AI”) in a three day AI Summit at the International Positive Education Network Festival 2018 called the World Positive Education Accelerator (WPEA)! Please visit the Stan booth if you will be joining us in Fort Worth!

Positive Education, an off-shoot of positive psychology, is the intertwining of positive psychology and education. Positive Education is the focus on well-being AND academics in helping to build children’s futures. Stan and The Four Fantastic Powers: The First Ever Appreciative Inquiry Book for Kids is an example of Positive Education at its best, as it serves as a tool to build strengths, relationships, teamwork, community, creativity, and positive emotion. IPEN is an organization aimed at helping create resources and networks across the globe to help school, teachers and parents bring Positive Education to life.

In June 2018 at the IPEN Festival, David Cooperider, an AI co-creator, will help facilitate a 3-Day AI Summit based on the 4D Cycle, otherwise known as Stan’s Four Fantastic Powers. At the Summit, participants will have the opportunity to turn inspiration into action. The strengths-based and task-focused 3-day design-and-build process will engage participants to share leadership, resources and ownership for making the future of Positive Education successful.


four powers cycle
Stan and The Four Fantastic Powers translates the 4-D Appreciative Inquiry Cycle into child-friendly language to boost strength identification, teamwork, relationships, communication, hope, and goal attainment.



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